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Ice Skating on Wheels

In the morning, I met up with a friend to go for a hike at Tomales Point. It was almost a 10-mile hike and I took a ton of pictures. Our plan was to do the hike in the morning and then meet up with a group at the roller rink in Rohnert Park in the afternoon. I wasn't planning to take it too seriously since I figured I'd be sore after the hike, and I've never skated before. This was the best time for me to go though, since I knew that some others in the group also have never skated. So at least I wouldn't only embarass myself!

The hike took longer than expected because it had been very rainy recently, so the trail full of mud slowed us down. Once we got back to the car in the now overflowing parking lot, we headed straight for the skating rink without stopping to have a snack or take a shower and change. We arrived all gross and smelly, just in time as everyone else was showing up. There was about 6 of us there and only 2 had ever roller skated before.

The skating rink had both roller skates and blades for rent, so I asked which ones would work better for someone who can ice skate. I ended up trying the roller blades, but putting them on was such a weird feeling. It felt like my feet would slip out from underneath me every step I took. Also, there was a "brake", but only on one of them! I awkwardly shuffled over to the rink and hugged the wall for the first go around, but after that I pushed off and started to "ice skate" with the roller blades. It actually felt great, and was even easier than ice skating! Because with ice skating, the blade digs into the ice a bit so if you catch the ice with the wrong part of the blade, you can go tumbling.

I was so pleasantly surprised how natural it felt to roller blade, and I tried to go faster and faster. I watched some of the more experienced skaters, but couldn't figure out how they were doing it. I did fall into a rhythm of leaning onto one foot at a time which propelled me forward. Actually moving in a straight line and even turning was just like skiing, too! Now, I would never go downhill with roller blades (unless I actually learn better how to skate) because I basically stop myself by hitting the wall. Or by falling, which I did a few times... totally intentionally.

Anyway, I loved it and didn't realize how sore and blistered my feet were until after I took the blades off. But roller blading was awesome, and I would totally try it again. I liked it even better than ice skating which I suppose is a bonus, since you can only ice skate in the winter!