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UC Davis Atrocities

My university and graduate school, the University of California at Davis, has made possibly one of the worst decisions imaginable regarding their email service. You can read all about it here!

Basically, any former student with an email address will soon lose access to their email. They can apply for an email for a few years. "That's not so bad," you think, "you can create new emails for free on Gmail, Yahoo, and other places." But this is bad! Really bad! (Not for me, but maybe for some others.) UC Davis students were under the impression that we would keep our emails for life. That means there is no risk of simply using that email as our primary address. Some students may have used it for all of their online accounts, even their bank or medical portal, for example! And some people who are not as organized as I am might have no idea which accounts they used their address for.

Not only that, but alumni will lose their Google services attached to that email as well, including Google Docs, YouTube, Google Drive, and more. In an instant, we will lose a significant struggle from our life, made with our blood, sweat, and tears.

This is a major inconvenience at best, and dangerous at worst! Being locked out of life-critical accounts will affect many people since they are not able to log into their email to change their email or password associated with that account. I am firmly against this position and think it was made in extremely poor judgement.