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Reminder to the Reader(s)

If you are reading this, then you should probably read this article. If not, then carry on.

The content on this website is not:

  • "Quality content"
  • Legal advice
  • Personal advice
  • Spiritual advice
  • Literature of any kind
  • Written by AI
  • Supposed to have an audience

The content on this website is:

  • Written by me (Nicolas Ventura)
  • A 2024 New Year's resolution
  • Mainly just to keep my brain active
  • Something for me to do to stay busy
  • Supposed to improve my writing skills
  • A way to see how far I've progressed
  • A journal of random thoughts and experiences
  • A log or knowledge bank for me to come back to, if I need it (e.g. if my Raspberry Pi server breaks, I can read the article and see how I set it up originally)
  • My descent into madness(?)
  • For fun

In conclusion, the point of all this is for a future Nicolas to read about an older (or younger, I guess?) version of himself. If this is not you, of course you are still welcome and encouraged to read, and even give feedback using the email button on the bottom of the page! Just please, do not take anything on here too seriously. I am not liable for anything. :)